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Our Mission

Netflip is committed to an efficient and sustainable internet.  While our main business is facilitating the transfer of IPV4 address blocks, our mission is to foster the efficient use of resources. 

Our Story

We met through a partnership with AT&T, where we brought several IoT Video and Content Delivery products  to market.  We stayed in touch for 15 years, frequently discussing technical topics like Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. 


We had the idea of starting a business to put our combined 60 years of IT experience, MBAs, and cloud certifications to work. 


Netflip is committed to improving the efficiency of the internet one well-used IP block at a time. 


We appreciate you taking the time to visit us and look forward to learning more about what you are building.

Tony is a SAAS sales leader with more than 25 years of experience driving sales and managing sales teams across technologies that include e-Commerce, FinOps, Analytics, IOT, Telco, and IP Video.   Tony is a Finance MBA and holds more than 40 technical certifications, including: FinOps Practitioner, AWS Architect, and MIT Design Thinker.  If you catch him between calls, he will probably have a guitar or a lacrosse stick in his hands.

Ethan is a technical thought leader with network intensive product management and delivery success at Verizon, AT&T, and Amtrak.  Ethan holds an MBA from George Mason University and an undergraduate degree from Yale University.  He holds several cloud infrastructure certifications.  When Ethan isn't at his desk, you'll likely see him reading something technical or at a live music venue, show, or festival.

Experienced Leadership

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